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Procedure and terms of return

The product warranty period is 12 months.

Please note that you could not and cannot order a certain model from the list, since on the site neither when ordering nor when viewing a single model is presented in the product card.

Unreasonable returns are not allowed. All goods are transported across borders. Returns will incur a large amount of freight. At the same time, due to the long transportation time, the status of the goods cannot be guaranteed, so please check carefully product information before placing an order, avoid buying wrong

If, when ordering, you did not compare the presented product with yours and ordered the wrong product, then only the cost of the product is subject to return, unfortunately. We remind you that specifying a laptop model does not mean a 100% guarantee of compatibility.

ATTENTION! If, when installing the touchscreen, you removed the installation tape and then found a defect, then the guarantee for this product is no longer covered.

When the product is replaced, the warranty continues to operate, and does not start again, unfortunately.

What NOT to do:

1. send the goods to us by cash on delivery to any of our addresses without agreement with the manager;

2. send the goods to us by a transport company convenient for you without the consent of the manager. A transport company that is convenient for you can be extremely inconvenient for us, you can always come to a compromise.

Return of goods is carried out in the following ways:

- Return by mail. In this case, the return of goods to the seller is carried out only by Post. To return the goods, you need to contact us by e-mail - info@lepustech.com.

Refunds at the seller's office are carried out after the return of the goods and its inspection by the seller. Refunds in other ways (to a card, qiwi, web money) are carried out within 10 days from the date of receipt by the seller of the goods returned by you by mail.

Warranty obligations can be terminated unilaterally in cases where:

1. The type or serial number of the product, the date of sale will be changed, erased or illegible in the documents, or the seal is damaged.

2. Defects are caused by changes due to the use of the product for a purpose that does not correspond to the specified scope of application of this product, indicated in the instruction manual.

3. Mechanical damage caused during transportation (except when the damage is not caused by the buyer).

4. Defects are caused by the ingress of foreign objects/liquids into the product.

5. Defects are due to problems with the system in which this product was used.

6. Products have been repaired by unauthorized persons in violation of the manufacturer's requirements and safety regulations.

7. The Seller is not responsible for unlicensed software installed on the Buyer's computer.

The store does not guarantee the compatibility of the goods purchased in it with any specific devices and systems, unless it is expressly indicated in the instructions for the goods, as well as compliance with the subjective expectations of the buyer 

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