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Do you work with VAT?

Unfortunately no. We are an individual entrepreneur on a simplified taxation system.

What is the difference between a compatible laptop parts and an original one?

The difference between a compatible item and an original one is in the manufacturer and, as a result, in price. When you buy a compatible item, you don't pay for the brand. You buy a computer mouse, flash cards and rewritable disks not necessarily from a laptop manufacturer? It's the same here.

Do you sell original with brand laptop parts?

Unfortunately, original with brand spare parts are supplied with laptops. Everything that is sold separately on the market is analogues with original qulity. We have been selling spare parts for more than 9 years, we give a one-year warranty.

how many payment options we can choose?

We have 2 payment options:

- By paypal (then only goods and delivery). You pay for your order before sending, then we send it;

- Bank transfer receipt, that is, when the total value more than 1000usd and you want to save the paypal handling fees.please request bank account with us.

How to cancel the order?

Several variants:

- call and say the order number or phone number;

- write to our mail indicating the order number or phone number;

- write in the chat on the site indicating the order number or phone number.

The form of the message is free, for example "I refuse the order No. xxxx" will be quite enough.

Is it possible to order?

All items in stock are listed on the website. If you did not find the product you are interested in on our website or found it, but it has the status "out of stock", then we really do not have it in stock. Unfortunately, we do not carry orders.

I represent an organization (or individual entrepreneur), can I pay for the order by bank transfer?

Yes, of course, you can pay using this method. To do this, you need to send us the details, a link to the product and the method of delivery to us by e-mail - Shipping will be included in the price of the item. Along with the order, you will receive the following documents: invoice, consignment note.

I didn’t receive a letter with the order number, there was no SMS, they called once, etc.

- A letter with the order number and order comes to e-mail automatically after the order.

- Contact with email for more support.

- We do not send SMS.

How to choose the right power supply for a laptop?

We are only interested in two digits - they are indicated in the “OUTPUT:” line. This is nothing but the characteristics of the current that comes out of charging after conversion. For example, 19V 4.74A. You can buy a power supply with more power than your original one, the main thing is not less. That is, if you have a current strength of 3.42 A, then you can take a charge with a current strength of 4.74 A or 6.3 A - it will only get better. Another important feature of the block is the connector. The power connectors on all laptops are different. There are more common ones, there are less common ones, but nevertheless, if you make a mistake with the connector, the laptop will not work. How to find out? The first option is to take and measure the dimensions of the hole (outer and inner diameter) with a ruler / tape measure / caliper. The second option is to choose according to the model. The good thing is that one manufacturer tends to use the same type of connector. For example: Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, MSI - 5.5x2.5mm (most popular); Acer, eMachines, Packard Bell - 5.5x1.7mm; Sony - 6x4.4 mm with a needle in the middle; Lenovo - 7.9x5.5 mm with a needle in the middle; Samsung - 5.0x3.0 mm with a needle in the middle; Dell - 7.4x5.0 mm with a needle in the middle. This is not a rule, but rather a pattern. In each case, look at your connector and at least compare it with the photo on our website. Ultrabooks, for example, use thinner connectors. But what if there is no laptop charger? Do not panic, but look at the laptop from below (at the bottom). There should be a sticker containing information about the characteristics of the input current (how many volts and how many amperes).


- the connector must be exactly the same as on your original unit;

- the voltage must match (you can, for example, use 19V charging instead of 18.5V; 0.5 Volts - within the permissible error);

- the current strength must be no less than that indicated on your block (instead of 2.37A, you can use 3.42A, but not vice versa)

How to determine the LCD screen model without disassembling the laptop?

If you can see part of the broken screen, or you just want to know the marking of your matrix, you can see it through the Everest or aida program

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