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In our online store you can buy keyboards, case covers, dc jacks, hinges, lcd screens,lvds cables and other mix parts for laptops from all leading manufacturers.

LEPUS TECH has already established itself as a wholesale supplier of laptop parts. Now our customers have the opportunity to purchase the necessary parts at retail.

Our mission is to provide the customer with high quality "consumables" and thereby extend the life of his laptop.

There is a huge variety of components and compatible devices for stationary computer units. It is easy to find and select a suitable part according to the required parameters, offered by a large number of companies. At the same time, everything is still not so simple with laptops, although they break down much more often. There is only one suitable lcd screen, keyboard or case for your laptop model. What to do if something is broken? For example, the average life of an original keyboard is only 2-3 years. We have tried to solve this problem by supplying quality spare parts for laptops.

Deliveries can be of any volume.

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